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In order to achieve the objective of keeping the increase in the temperature of the earth below 2 ° C, it is essential to implement all the levers of possible actions.


This requires a revolution in mindset, energy optimization in all sectors and the rapid development and appropriation of new technologies.


We want to show that going for zero emission is possible right now, by developing an electric motorhome that will not only be passive but also independent of any external energy source both when parked and for its displacements.



The project will show that a family  can travel and live for a year without depending on fossil fuels. The motorhome will tour the capitals and European cities of more than a million inhabitants in less than a year, travelling more than 20.000 km in full energical autonomy.


The experience gained from this project will be used to develop new products.



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At Full Solar Project we believe that we should not wait for 2050 or even 2030 to aim for zero emissions.

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